3 Steps to Small Business Growth

The thing about growth is that you have to be intentional about it. It doesn’t just happen automatically. And this certainly applies to small business growth. Here are three essential steps to see the growth you envision.


There are many ways to improve your business as you serve the customers you already have and simultaneously attract new customers. First of all, evaluate the quality of your services and products and how well you communicate with your existing customers. Listen carefully to them by reading their reviews, conducting regular surveys and even asking them directly about their experiences when possible. As you take these steps, you will show them that you consider their feedback thoughtfully and want to apply it in order to improve your service. Furthermore, brainstorm with your staff and listen to their critiques as well. Many times the people who have direct contact with customers on a regular basis also have insightful ideas for how to serve them.


If people aren’t aware of the products or services you offer or you never reach new customers, you’ll obviously have trouble growing as a business. Ask yourself: Who is in your target audience and how can you reach them effectively? A few avenues may include social media platforms, flyers posted on community boards or referrals transferred by word-of-mouth. However, remember it’s about quality as well as quantity. Be detail-oriented with graphic design (as images, fonts, etc. definitely impact first impressions of your business), edit carefully and express the heart of your company thoughtfully so that potential customers will be drawn to what you offer.


As you listen to your customers and staff, you’ll come to know where there are vacancies in the market that you might be able to fill and you’ll likely think of fresh ideas for new products and/or services you can add onto your company. These expansions will then answer real needs in your community, consequently attracting more customers to your business in the process. Furthermore, continue building your team, by adding new members and delegating tasks so that no one gets overloaded with too much work. Remember that quality employees bring potential for more creativity and inspiration in the workplace. Finally, don’t forget to network with other business owners and entrepreneurs, as this will result in more connections and possibly even form collaborative relationships for future projects.

Small business growth takes work, but the effort will pay off in the end as you satisfy your current customers and draw more patrons to your company. Take these three tips on the road and you’ll soon see the results.

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