3 Tips For Dealing With Pressure in the Workplace

No matter where you’re employed, the workplace can often be a stressful environment. Work is due, deadlines are approaching, customers are harried, co-workers can be difficult — in short, there is no shortgage of reasons to feel pressure.

But it’s important to develop effective coping and managing skills, to be as effective as possible at work, and as psychologically healthy as possible in your personal life. Here are three tips for dealing with pressures that arise in the workplace.

1. Take Breaks as Needed

Productivity at work is important, but being able to step back, breathe, and relax is essential for mental health (and not to mention, will ultimately only make you more productive). Make a point to step back from work tasks, even for brief periods, during the day. Drink water, eat a snack or lunch, and just take a couple minutes to detach from the workday. Ultimately, this will help your performance at work, as well as alleviate feelings of pressure and stress.

2. Communicate Openly and Honestly With Co-Workers

The hectic pace in many workplace environments can often lead to miscommunication, or poor communication, between staff. Do what you can to facilitate clear and effective communication — wth co-workers, superiors, and subordinates. Taking a couple extra moments to clarify the details of a task, or simply to engage with a co-worker, helps smooth out the little hiccups in communication that can sometimes grow to become significant problems. Aside from helping you feel more comfortable, secure, and clear in your own role, it’ll also demonstrate to co-workers that you’re reliable and an effective listener, both important qualities to demonstrate in a workplace.

3. Don’t Take Your Work Home With You

Obviously, this is easier said than done; sometimes it is indeed necessary to finish a work task at home. But as a general rule, try to avoid bringing work and concerns from the workplace to your home. Use time at home to relax, socialize, and focus on outside interests, hobbies, and activities that are meaningful to you. This will ultimately help you refresh while away from work, and let you be more focused and driven when you return to the workplace.

In sum, the pressure of many modern workplaces can often be intense. But by taking the above suggestions to heart, and working to cultivate a sense of focus and balance around work, you’ll be more effective and satisfied, both in the workplace and in your personal life.

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