5 Steps To Improving Your Business Processes

Whenever you develop a new product or service, get in contact with a client, or address a customer complaint, you follow a certain sequence of steps. That sequence of steps is a business process. Business processes help your company run efficiently and serve your customers effectively. As the market shifts and expectations change, it’s vital to continuously improve the business processes within your company. To make the prospect less daunting, think excellence rather than perfection. Here are some basic steps to take as you enhance this key aspect of your enterprise.

1. Identify

Not all of your business processes may need change. Take time to evaluate which areas require it. This first step will help you prioritize where you want to focus first. Be sure to include customers and employees in your business during this critical step. They’ll be affected directly by these changes and will have valuable input to give.

2. Analyze

As soon as you’ve determined a process you want to improve, carefully analyze every aspect of the current procedure. It’s common to use a flowchart to do this; if you do this, keep in mind that each step might contain several sub-steps that you might not be aware of. Determine which steps are ineffective or costly. Again, keeping in close communication with those affected (and asking them for feedback) will help you make an accurate analysis. 

3. Redesign

Continue to involve members of your team as you begin to redesign the process. They’ll be more likely to embrace the change if they’re involved in the early stages. It’s also a potentially exciting and creative time as you brainstorm together and come up with innovative ideas. 

4. Implement

Now comes the implementation process. Take it slowly. This is a crucial step in the improvement process which takes deft management and careful planning. Allow for a learning curve and a brief dip in productivity as employees learn and get used to the changes. Be available for questions, concerns, and suggestions for improvement. 

5. Monitor

Once your new business processes are established, monitor the results in the coming weeks and months. Have clear benchmarks for success, so you can identify and deal with problems as they occur. Gather feedback, be open to hearing resistance or frustration, and be willing to adjust processes. Prioritize relevance and efficiency. 

Improving business processes requires meticulous planning and clear communication. Keep these suggestions in mind as your craft your strategy. 

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