Equipment Leasing and Financing Options

For any business, purchasing equipment can put a serious strain on finances. Fortunately, you can more easily manage the cost by using Synergy Commercial Capital Lending Group’s equipment financing or leasing options. We provide fast and flexible funding options. If your business needs tools, machines or any other type of equipment, we are here to help.

Equipment Financing

If you want to purchase your equipment but don’t want to use up all your cash, this is the option for you. Whether you need vehicles, computers, machinery or any other items, we can provide useful financing options. These are some of the benefits:

  • Various payment structures
  • Little or no down payment required
  • Large loan amounts on middle-market and large-ticket items
  • A simple application process for smaller items

We have a special program for startup businesses. You need to get equipment to start growing your company. Let us help you pay for it.

Additionally, we can help businesses with poor credit get back on their feet. Everyone faces difficult periods. Learn more about our A-, B-, C-, and D-credit programs.

Equipment Leasing

Leasing is a popular option for getting business equipment. It provides several unique benefits:

  • No risk of equipment obsolescence
  • Advantages for taxes and accounting
  • Cash remains available for other needs
  • No need to tie up lines of credit
  • Fixed monthly payments

We provide special leasing to government and municipal agencies. If you represent uniformed services, emergency services, a school district, a library or another similar institution, we can provide guaranteed approval on leasing. Contact us to learn whether your organization can qualify for this program.

If your organization has been struggling with cash flow and owns equipment, consider our sales and lease back program. We will purchase your equipment then lease it back to you. It is a simple way to get cash now. You even retain ownership of the equipment after the final payment.

Get Started

Contact Synergy Commercial Capital Lending Group today to learn more. We will help you get started with equipment financing and leasing.