Looking for Healthcare Financing? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Healthcare practices have a lot of operating expenses they need to meet. Whether you’re a dentist, chiropractor, nurse or veterinarian, Synergy Commercial Capital Lending Group would like to help you stay in business. We specialize in healthcare financing that can provide you with a reliable source of working capital.

Our Loan Products

Our healthcare loan products are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry. Here is how our clients often use the funds they receive through our healthcare financing program:

  • Debt consolidation: Juggling multiple payments is not only difficult, it’s not a wise use of your financial resources. We can help you consolidate your debt into one monthly payment with a great interest rate. Apply today and you could potentially be approved within 24 hours.
  • Working Capital: Our loans are often used as working capital to enrich medical practices in a variety of ways. Whether you want to expand your practice, improve it or upgrade your technology, the money you receive from us can help you reach your goals.
  • Equipment Leasing: When you’re in need of equipment but don’t have the money to buy it, our equipment leasing or financing programs can help. They can cover as much as 50% of your soft costs.

We’d love to help you put our financing options to good use. To apply today, simply contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.